Taiga Design and Development

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Trinidad, CA 95570

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About Us

Taiga is dedicated to catalyzing an ecologically, economically, and culturally prosperous future. Such a future will require a 21st Century Renaissance — dramatic and exciting changes in the ways we think about the world and how we live, and the new ideas, systems, and technologies that embody those changes.

We work in the fields of local economic development, energy and climate change, natural resources conservation, heritage and cultural preservation, education, and ecological design.  Our goal is to creatively integrate ecology, culture, economics, and technology in new ways that shape our world for the better.

In addition to in-house projects, we cooperate with, and provide support services to,  other business, organizations, and government entities that share our goals and values.

The core regions we work in are currently:

  • Northern California and Southern Oregon
  • Colorado and the Great Plains
  • Central Japan

For more about our principals, see our biographies.